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Dress Code: No dress code in the daytime: Fetish, TV, Leather, Lace, Sexy, uniform, Rope Bondage, Latex, Goth, Alt, Retro,  etc always welcomed!

After Party: Fetish BDSM Cabaret After Party 18:00 onwards at the same venue. There is a dress code in the evening with all black as a minimum. So yes a black suit would be fine. RULES FOR LONDON FETISH FAIR

There is a good bar: Beer / Wine / Real ales / Spirits/ Cocktails / Early Bird Tickets £7.50 per person on door until 3p.m., £10 ( if arriving after 3pm until 6 p.m.) Both entry fees admit automatic entrance to the fair & after party)

If you are just coming to the BDSM After Party after 6 when the fetish fair closes please have a look at the dress code for the evening. There's a cloakroom (£1) and changing. It's all hassle free.

What is The London Fetish Fair?

London Fetish Fair is the world's Longest running alternative fetish fashion market that has actively been cultivated to support and the bring forward the efforts of new and established avante garde fetish fashion designers and craftspeople. A lot of people enjoy visiting. It's the coolest day out in London. Come see for yourself!

How much is it to get in?

It's £7.50 entry for early bird visitors from noon until 3p.m. £10 after until 6p.m. If you come to the fetish fair, you can stay on for the after party as our guest. If you just want to attend the bdsm fetish after party only it's £15 singles £20 couples. You can buy tickets on the door, or in advance here with your mobile phone or via the internet.

Can I buy tickets on the door?

Yes! It's no problem!

Do I have to dress up?

No! But our environment is a safe space for those who wish to do so. How you dress is up to you! Be yourself. Be different. After 6 when the BDSM & Cabaret After Party starts, we do need a fetish dress code. So wear, please, at least all black, something shiny, slinky or sexy, find something at the fair to wear! Uniforms, medical, rope, or just dress skimpy. We like latex and leather, drag, goth, alt, retro, etc. It's a dress code that's desisgned to keep everyone in a playing mood for all the different bondage & cabaret areas. We do not discriminate between hetero or LGBT players at our event. We celebrate the art of playing, and all the clever fetishes and games that go with that. Just be over 18 please.

When are you open and to who?

We open to our fetish friends and newcomers at 12:00 noon on the 2nd Sunday of every month. The fair closes at 18:00 and the stands pack up. Visitors can stay at the venue for the after party, there is a short time of transition to bring in the dungeon equipment Domina & Male Master, Cabaret Stage & to help get the stands out. Please wait by the bar so we can get the stands out safely.  The party goes on until 10 p.m. ish at the same location. It's worth staying!!! It's great!

Is there a dress code?

In the daytime no, you may dress however you so wish, it's your Sunday!  However we protect and promote the free will of everyone to dress in whatever manner they feel happiest. So leather, rubber, TV, Goths, CD, Retro, Vintage, Drag King / Queen, Leather Daddies, Pet play, Plushie, Costumes, Uniforms, Lingerie, Corsetry, Master/ Mistresses or chained and collared slaves of any orientation and welcomed into our space. We don't feel people all need to be exactly the same orientation or have identical sets of interests in order to enjoy each other's company. We believe widening social circles is a good idea, especially in London.

How much is the raffle?

It's free to visitors of the event and usually called about 4p.m. You have to be in the bar to hear your number called to win! Prize goes to the first person in the bar to be there and hear their number called!

How much is it to park locally?

Parking is private and free all round the Miles Street area and leading up to the venue. It's quiet too.

When is the cabaret?

The cabaret is part of the evening entertainment. A different performer will be on every month at about 8:30. Check our performers page for details.

I have never met a Club Domina or Club Master before. Will either of them grab me and beat me?

..Only if you are lucky. We suggest you visit our Mistress' page or the Master's page to try and understand better the nature of what a Club Dominant is and does. They do not charge for their services, but they have ultimate right of refusal and base who they choose to play with on entirely their whims for that day. So guys and girls, if you want to visit the club Dominants ask at the front desk to be introduced. Or apporach them politely and introduce yourself and tell them about what you are curious about discovering about yourself.

What are the forthcoming dates for the next few London Fetish Fairs?

Always the 2nd Sunday of the month Always! Join the mailing list to be kept updated with a once a month newsletter!

A bit more about what drives the fair:

We thrive on promoting the evolution of sexual innovations and dungeon design. In 1997 we brought the two terms "London Fetish" and "Fetish Fair" to the fetish scene. We are devoted to both individuals of alternative sexualities (and also those who just wish to be more exciting in their daily life) and fetish businesses to help provide a stable platform to network, trade and find new like-minded friends to explore what we know to be an incredibly diverse, creative and interesting lifestyle. Everyone who wants to, should have access to fetishism and we provide a sympathetic environment for both new comers and seasoned kinksters to relax, meet friends and find wonderful new items to enhance an exciting state of mind and personal style.

Today, as a result of its 15 years of experience working within many aspects of the fetish scene, our impassioned work has attempted to seek out and offer collections of bespoke sexy clothing, kinky lifestyle enhancers and expertly made dungeon equipment intended for the both UK market and foreign clientele. If you are interested in adding unique fetish fashion & lifestyle items to your collection in a friendly welcoming atmosphere then the LFF is the right place for you.

Our event is designed to be a fun friendly relaxed meeting place and dwelling for all manner of fetish people, newly curious, steampunks, burlesque, artistic souls, gothics, transvestites, serious SM players, and seekers after the unusual. We welcome newbies who wish to get into the fetish scene and would like to find out more about other events and services available to them. We have a busy flyer table, and are always ready to welcome flyers swaps from reputable shops and clubs. Email us using the contact form if you have a shop or club you would like to promote. We have a lot of great stands every month. There is such a great buzz and energy to the event! We find people are spoiled for choice when it comes to well made items with the personal touch. Attendees vary from London SM scene players, couples and Dommes and subs, slaves, slave pets on display to fun outtings for TV's, Vampires, steampunks, Dominatrixes, Masters, fun people, goths or just a group of people who would to be somewhere they can shop and socialize in a lively atmosphere. There is always something new at all the London Fetish Fair, and new stands are arriving every month which makes the event and atmosphere, friendly, interesting and unique.

What is the dress code?

There is no dress code at all. Street clothes are welcome. Fetishwear, Leather, Rubber, Gothic, Vampire, TV/ TS welcome at the event. Feel free to bring a human slave pet, but please. Keep them on a lead. Objectification and ownership scenarios welcome throughout the event. The After Party does have a strict fetish dress code, you must be wearing at least all black minimum to be allowed to stay for the S&m After Party from 6p.m. onwards. You can wear any sort of fetish wear or plain black clothing. It;s an S&m FETISH environment and we need the atmpsohere to not be killed by street clothing. Thanks. There is changing and cloakrooms. Please collect all your belongings from the cloakroom by 9:30 p.m.

Is the Fair easy to get to?

Yes Please standby for venue announcements as we are currently in the process of moving.

Please do not bring children or babies into the event. We will not admit you. Please get a sitter. The environment is for over 18 adults only. This is not negotiable.

Can I bring food or drink into the venue?

Due to licensing laws no food or drink is to be brought into the venue by anyone in attendance. There's a bar and we will arrange food soon as well.

Are pets allowed?

The environment is not conducive to pets. It gets busy and that can stress a pet out. However, guide & hearing dogs are welcomed. If you have a pet that you cannot leave but still want to attend the fetish fair in the daytime, just bring the pet along, and we will work it out from there as we are very animal friendly generally and have a big courtyard. Our door staff could mind a pet for a little while. We love them. We are sorry cannot accomodate pets in the evening. ( There's just too much activity! )

Are masturbatory acts allowed at the event?

No. The only person that is not annoyed by that on the fetish scene is the person committing the act. You will be asked to leave in an unceremonious manner with a bit of disgrace thrown in for good measure. It's generally unpopular in most fetish clubs, because of the hygiene aspects.



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