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Fancy Chance


Do you fancy your chances?

Fancy Chance comes to the stage at London Fetish Fair's After Party with her Naughty Alice Show! March 9th!


Who is Fancy Chance? Well, she a sexy little dynamo of performance that will make you laugh, cry, and wonder where that horn came from?

Fancy Chance

aliceFancy Chance is now the reigning Alternative Miss
as well as London’s Top Tranny

Hilarious, glamorous, and exuberantly
irreverent, the diminutive Fancy Chance is the undisputed comic
spectacle of the UK burlesque/variety/vaudeville circuit and the
best tassel twirler east of the Atlantic. Hailing from a background
of cabaret, theatre and performance art, in 2001 she was brought
into “nouveau burlesque” by the infamous Miss Indigo Blue, founding
member of BurlyQ: A Queer Cabaret. Fancy’s goal is to perform acts
that dazzle and delight with comic characters and satire to the max
whether goose stepping as Kim Jong Il or stripping down to a
tasseling sensation! Fancy performs on stages throughout the US,
Europe and is the present art director of BurlyQ. She’s produced
and directed the sell out show “BurlyQ Revue” in 2005 and “BurlyQ
Pageant” in 2006. She is a member of the Fire Tusk Pain Proof
Circus clowning around with the freaks and French Kicks Can-Can and
continues to develop her own infectious mixture of comedic
vaudeville and ecdysiast entanglements. Past Shows
include (but not exclusive to) official winner of
Alternative Miss World 2009 (Roundhouse, London), headlining the
Latitude Festival cabaret stage, Reading Festival cabaret stage,
Leeds Festival cabaret stage, La Clique (Edinburgh), The Immodest
Tease Show at the Bloomsbury Ballroom, V&A Surrealist Ball
headliner, regular guest performer with the Gawkagogo Freakshow,
All That Jazz, Madame JoJos, Bonobo Presents, official selection
for the newcomers category at Miss Exotic World 2006, Circus, Volupte
Lounge, Lounge Lover, the Working Men’s Club, the Tassel Club
(Dublin), the Hootchie Kootchie Club (Stockholm), Duckie,
Vauxhallville, Cherry Pop Peepshow (Birmingham), Jeepers Peepers
(Newcastle), Burlesque Freakout (Amsterdam), Starshine Burlesque
(NYC), the Slipper Room (NYC), Skullduggery and Skinshow (NYC),

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