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DOLLS "Sultry, Sulky Fairy-Tale SMUT;" Indie Synthpop from LONDON, UK. Kiss Kiss.


Musician, guitarist, singer and ultra intelligent beautiful glam vamp with an angelic voice to match. Nikki Awesome of Dollsxx is one of London's musical treasures. The quality of her lyricism and power of her performances are a delight for anyone who beholds her!

A producer of excellent music and fascinating videos that we love make Dollsxx so electric! Her music is so often featured at London Fetish Fair. Now it's your chance to catch her show live at the next London Fetish Fair's After Party. On May 11th The best way to appreciate Dollsxx is to download and listen to all of her amazing music and watch the videos! She's amazing because we said so.


Visit Dollsxx Site to hear music and download her latest music!

Download Secret Sulk for free!




Limited Ltd. by Dollsxx

Better Half by Dollsxx

Dollsxx Dollsxx Dollsxx

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Featured Stand

Daisy's Floggers


When we saw Daisy's colourful, beautiful handmade floggers we just wanted to go straight up to her stall to touch them!
new video short to watch!