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Thai me up! July 13th Oriental Themed Play Area

Special Oriental Themed play area all day at London Fetish Fair feat. Kitty Minx +  her Ninja friends: July 13th!


kitty minx hosts Thai Me Up! Kitty Minx hosts Thai Me UP! Well much like the mad tea party we are having another play area day for those of you who want to come and have some fun!

Follow the signs to the left hand bar area where we will have a fully set up dungeon play space and oriental themed restaurant from 2 p.m. until 5. Except it's an Oriental Themed restaurant with a difference: The menu will be all kinds of spankings and torture and you will have lots of either oriental play money or forfeits to pay to get them!

Torture Menu:

Vibrating nipple tease

cling film torture

back massage foot and leg massage

rope bondage

good ol' spanking

give a spank



ball busting

Puppy/kitty play

Mistress Kitty Minx and her kinky friends will be running the area. Not only are beautiful, intelligent, skilled and fun but they also administer some mean punishments!

There will be lots of seating at Thai me up and we encourage everyone whether in couples, groups or singles to come and use the crazy play area to enjoy themselves and forget the nonsense of the outside world for a little while.

With rope bondage, and oriental torture menu, finger traps chinese lanterns and possibly the chance of getting covered in noodles and havign them spanked into you this area is the perfect place for first timers and seasoned kinksters alike to have some fun, meet new people and get tied to something.

Just come along and play. That's what we are all about.

Images from the Mad Tea Party In March

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