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Miss CiCi Steele

London Fetish Fair welcomes our very own Roller Skating Naughty Waitress at The July 13th After Party!

No crazy fetish shopping event and BDSM after party held in a roller disco is complete without a visit from our very own roller skating waitress Miss Cici Steele!

Miss CiCi Steele Roller skater extraordinaire.

Miss CiCi Steele is a petite powerhouse of flirtatious fun, using her specialist roller skating and aerial hoop skills to spin audiences into a frenzy wherever she goes.
Miss CiCi Steele burst on to the burlesque scene earlier this year with her debut performance in Burlesque On Ice where she dazzled the audience with her cheeky performance as the ‘Ice Fairy’. No stranger to the skating world, CiCi has been performing on ice since the tender age of 11 and has taken staring roles in a number of ice shows.
This pint-sized pin-up wasn’t content with keeping her feet on the ground and her passion for spinning, jumping and performing formed the basis for her next challenge, which was to send her to dizzy heights and join the world of circus. CiCi packed up and joined Aircraft Circus and in 2013 she debuted her aerial hoop skills, seducing the audience in a burlesque style solo at The Greenwich Circus Festival.
Not one to follow the crowd, in May 2014 Miss CiCi Steele debuted her roller waitress burlesque act at the Neo Burlesque Awards at The Empire Casino in Leicester Square and made it in to the finals! Her act is described as “Exciting, cheeky, unique, high energy, crazy, amazing and brave”
With many other hidden talents still to debut, Miss CiCi Steele sure knows how to keep an audience on their toes!

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