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Stand Well Back for Mouse! You'll see for yourself.. but bring an umbrella.. Mouse returns to cause Havoc at The After Party on JULY 13th.


Mouse wild performer by anyone's standards

Stand Well Back for Mouse! People say about her performances, she's just Mouse. You'll see for yourself.. but bring an umbrella.. July 13th 2014 8:30 p.m.

The funniest thing about London Fetish fair most oputrageous performers is that when people try to describe what seeing her is like, they get a bit stumped..

Mouse at London Fetish Fair

We don't know if Mouse is a performer or a type of philosophy. She seems to embody a level of libertarianism that would probably make the Marquis De sade weep for joy that there is hope in the world and that someone actually read one of his books. We have seen a variety of performances from Mouse involving everything from a slip and slide kinky water show where she's careening across the floor or using a variety of fireworks in exactly the most shocking way you could imagine. And that's why we love her.

mouse at vandersexxx People are shocked, people are amazed, people keep showing up to see her when they know she's on. They spend her entire show backing off and coming back to see more such is the fascination of MOUSE. If there was an erotic version of a horror movie that filled you with trepidation; you couldn't stop watching and also filled you with fascination, that's the closest thing to how we can describe her.  Is she just an incredible actor with less boundaries than anyone else and a level of physical resilience that deserves some sort of world recognition? We think so.

This tiny little libertine creature with the huge neon personality will be gracing our stage in the coming future. Good on ya Mouse. You are a fetish performance to remember. Just, not to be missed!

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