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Come Wrestle with 3G


Your chance to experience the delights of wrestling with the

Gooey Grappling Girls September 14th Splosh Event


Splosh London

the gooey grappling girlsThe Gooey Grappling Girls will be coming to see us on September 14th! It will be your chance to experience a 5 minute wrestling session with the GOOEY GRAPPLING GIRLS! (3G for short) £5 for 5 minutes!

Plus there will be a spectacular gooey grappling girls gunge and splosh show at 4 p.m!

Brilliant Wrestling Dominatrixes Araneae & Adreena will be on site all day with their wrestling mats in a special wrestling area, ready to either take you (or your slave) on for 5 minutes of wild! These girls will wrestle you into submission in one minute flat. Can you take on the challenge?




Mistress Araneae is an accomplished wrestler and expert Martial Artist.



adreena 3g: the gooey grappling girls



Adreena is an Accomplished and Respected Wrestling Domina

We think you are going to have a great time with this remarkably precise but wild and crazy duo. Sessions cost £30 for 15 minutes of Mayhem! We highly suggest you book yout time in advance to avoid disappointment on the day. Visit the GOOEY GRAPPLING GIRLS WEBSITE! to make sure you reserve a space!

It should be 4G really; for: Gorgeous Gooey Grappling Girls! Because they are!


Adreena covered in Pudding!

Demo: 3: 30 P.M. COURTYARD: Splosh!  3G will be doing  a Glorious Splosh Demo @ 3:30 p.m. in the Courtyard. What is Splosh? It's sexy people getting really messy! And THIS IS HAPPENING IN THE COURTYARD AT 3:30 P.M. AUGUST 12th! Gunge, Custard, cake, whipped cream.. name your poison!

Araneae in Custard

What kind of SPLOSH materials 3G will be bringing with them dpends on their mood that day- we just know they are going to be an unholy mess by the end of it and it's going to be hysterical! 3g will have a selection of souvenir "Take home and try yourself" Splosh Kits for only £5 What a way to end the day!


3G After Dark Gooey Grappling Girls! THE WRESTLE - O -  RAMA cintinues as 3G gets their own wrestling area at the London Fetish Fair After Party. From 7- 10 p.m. you will have your chance to book 15 minute wrestling sessions with Mistresses Adreena & Araneae. This will be on the upper right tier. Go visit the girls for a chat to find out more. Again sessions are £30 for £15 minutes.. and we think that's about all anyone will be able to take! Visit the Gooey Grappling Girls site to reserve a timeslot or feel free to come and book your space on the day! We do recommend making a reservation and a deposit to make sure you get either your time, or the time you intend to reserve to have your slave tormented for your viewing pleasure (lol)

We are so excited that these wild things are coming to Visit London Fetish Fair OMG!!!!!!!!!!!


Here's a quick Q&A FOR New Visitors..

1. London Fetish Fair is a fetish environment, with fetish people and enthusiasts and newly curious people in attendance. Wrestling is considered an enjoyable fetish.

2. The Venue is private and the theatre above is vacant this month as they are away at Edinburgh Fringe!

3. You will not just be grabbed and wrestled into submission immediately unless you actually stipulate a request like that. You will be able to ask a few questions and discuss what you are interested in experiencing with 3G before hand if you so wish.

4. There will be safety notices around  and the area will be cordoned off. Good common sense will keep you safe from harm or damage. So please don't worry. It's a sympathetic environment and it;s going to be a lot of fun!



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