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The Fetish Chamber

Pleasure is where your mind will let you take it. Be prepared to Enter-

The Fetish Chamber...


So much of the bdsm & fetish scene can seem unreal to those who have never tried it before. So often, how it looks and what it feels like are 2 different things. And yet, despite the opinions that bdsm is all about just inflicting pain on people it's something that couldn't be further than the truth. BDSM is also about play.

chastity The Fetish ChamberWhether it is steel collars, nose hooks, chastity devices, or even something personal like a hand-plaited whip.nose hook

We were discussing last month at London Fetish Fair why people in the fetish scene seem to hardly age or always look younger than they are. I think it's because they never stop playing. All of the items and equipment that people collect and use is so often in a context of either intense interaction with another or a way of make your day-to-day existence more fun.strap on At the fetish chamber you will see many unusual toys and devices and they may look daunting, but with careful research, plus asking questions or advice from experienced players, (for example our house Dominants Mistress Rebekka & Master Joel in the evening at the after party) you will soon find that these devices are popular for a reason. They give people access to types of fun and pleasure that like a delicacy, one develops a taste for. The Fetish Chamber caters for those who want to explore what is sexually interesting about so many different states of feeling. Come and check out the fetish chamber at the next London Fetish Fair

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