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JuJu Jezebel


Live. Love. Leather The wondrous candy-coloured leather toys of

JuJu Jezebel returns to London Fetish Fair

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JuJu JezebelThe cutest & most well made naughty lady shaped paddles in high grade leather & unique colour schemes by JuJu JezebelOriginating from Hove, East Sussex with our roots and a skill set developed manufacturing bespoke leather fashion products – JuJu Jezebel is an exciting newcomer to the world of adult alternative lifestyle products.

With contemporary designs, that are vibrant and cutting edge, we aim to provide discerning adults with aesthetically pleasing, functional and most of all - pleasurable products.

As mainstream perceptions and attitudes towards the more kinkier activities soften and the industry as a whole continues to gain unprecedented positive exposure, more and more people are looking to experiment with their ‘darker’ desires. In what has always been considered a niche market, a welcome shift in attitudes however has helped to push boundaries towards the periphery of more main stream channels and we want JuJu Jezebel to be prepared and able to facilitate this.”

J.T. Ace (Co-founder; JuJu Jezebel)

wrist restraints in high grade leather

Herein lies our company philosophy –

In complete unison with our customer base, our intention is to continuously develop leather items that appeal to all adventurous adults, not only for our attractive pricing but also for our recognisable high standards of quality. By focussing on style and unique colour ranges, we want our products to always remain fresh and desirable!

The inspirations for our handcrafted designs are deeply rooted in my belief that people should be able to reflect their individual personality, no matter what they are doing! Whether you are a hardcore fetish head (no pun intended) or just starting out on your kink journey, we want to be able to provide at least one of the links in the chain towards ultimate satisfaction.”

Gil Stark (Co-founder, designer and mastercraftsmaster; JuJu Jezebel)

There are many good things to come so I would suggest keeping an eye out for the name... JuJu Jezebel... is just starting out on this journey and it’s an adventure that we are entirely dedicated to! Come and see for yourself at the London Fetish Fair xx

The JuJu Jezebel Team

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