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Trussed UK

Impressive Canes & Restraints, Rope and New! Fingertraps!

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..& smart specialist equipment invented by Trussed UK.
Restraints hand made by the Brilliant Trussed UK
We believe it is important to keep the customer's interest in us fluid by bringing new toys in and dropping others from the stock as we go along. Some, like the tarred hemp cats, have been with us from the start
Trussed UK Finger Traps!
Trussed UK have a huge compreshensive selection of bondage toys.
2013 sees our 12th year as stallholders at the London Fetish Fair.
We started out fairly small with a range of hand made cats and presses and few interesting little every day items that we perverted for S&M play and the whole thing grew from there.
Our mission slogan for the fair back then was "something new every month" and we managed to maintain that for several years. We haven't stopped adding to our stock list but maybe not quite as frequently now.
d rings spreader bars canes whips This year we have revived an old department, Riding Crops, and we have a lovely range of these. Some are designed specifically for BDSM and others are traditional equestrian crops. Black is probably the dominant colour here but we also have reds blues, pinks and mauves. We have a range of 20 crops in our online shop but offer a bigger variety of design and colour on our stall at the London Fetish Fair and at prices you'll find hard to beat anywhere.
riding cropsAnother new department we recently created is Rope. Our 18 metre skeins of Flax bondage Rope have always been a popular seller and we have now expanded on this to include Jute, Hemp and Cotton. The Flax and Jute are sold in ready cut skeins but the Hemp and Cotton are available by the metre. All the ropes are 3ply twists rather than braided. We know how much you bondage bunnies love the pattern a 3ply leaves on the skin.
The Rope Department also includes things like Paramedic Scissors and Tsubaki Oil for the treatment of rope. We will gradually add to these rope accessories so we can meet the shopping needs of the ropers and riggers out there.
We have a popular online shop at but nothing beats having a stall at the London Fetish Fair where we can get to meet our customers face to face for a chat. It also gives people a chance to see and handle our products first-hand.
It is only March and we already have two new departments however, we are not stopping there and have several new ideas in the pipeline for our tenth anniversary. If you want to be amongst the first to hear about new toys then why not join our mailing list at
As always we look forward to meeting you at the London Fetish Fair
Chris and Michelle Trussed UK
Trussed UK

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