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Mistress Rebekka Raynor

Dominatrix Rebekka Raynor

Mistress Rebekka Raynor is Our House Domina and Compere at London Fetish Fair whom we lovingly refer to as Violence Coordinator


Dominatrix Rebekka Raynor on her throne A professional Dominatrix by day and party animal by night, Mistress Rebekka is someone we appreciate as our compere, host and castigator of the wicked at London Fetish Fair's after party: Club Vandersexxx



We find her corrective skills to be at a premium of style and taste and her methods of receiving new slaves at the event to be the actions of an unusually cruel (yet fair) sadist.
Dominatrix Rebekka Raynor in session with one of her many slaves The Mistress is always immaculately dressed in a variety of fetish costumes and full of boundless energy when it comes to fulfilling her whims in the realms of treating her hapless tormented victims in the callous and unthinking manner of her own device.
Mistress Rebekka Raynor receiving slaves at the London Fetish Fair After Party
Although a professional Dominatrix, actress, model and compere of events by profession. Mistress Rebekka receives slave at the event in a non-professional manner and it's your merits of servitude and obedience that will gain you an audience with the Mistress. However, there are a set of rules for approaching Mistress and you must comply with them.
1. Slaves / submissives may approach the Mistress respectfully in order to gain an audience, ideally on their hands and knees in grovelment.
2. Slaves and submissives may discuss their interests with the Mistress when given the cue to speak, but must ultimately accept that by their status as chattel they must bend to the will of a superior being.
3. Gifts and tributes of flowers, wine, jewelry boots etc. are not essential but are by far denoting of a much more considerate slave worthy of attention. London Fetish Fair expects visitors to respect our House Mistress fully.  We will take additional action against any slaves or submissives who cannot comply with these rules, and actions taken will also be unnecessarily cruel and humiliating.
Apart from that, please feel free to enjoy your visit with our deeply charming, intelligent Mistress and be sure to have fun !
Mistress Rebekka on an earlier London Fetish Fair Flyer

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