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Master Joel: Gentleman Master

London Fetish Fair's After Party

Resident House Dominant

Master Joel: Resident House Master at London Fetish Fair's After Party

Master Joel ..  House Master for males and females visiting 's BDSM After & Play Party

Professional and experienced Dominant (+44) 07974484978

Master Joel: Experienced House Dominant & Master

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Master Joel Our New Male House Master

London Fetish Fair's regular monthly BDSM after party at the same location is a welcome addition to the day for those of you who might not be quite ready to go home at 6 p.m. It's often a time when people want to try out the new implements they have just selected at the Fetish Fair that day.

For quite some time we have thought: it's about time London Fetish Fair had a House Master! Therefore, please welcome Master Joel. We are pleased to announce we have found an excellent Master indeed.

Master Joel

Male / Female submissives, slaves and chattels are invited to report to Master Joel respectfully for correction and BDSM guidance.

Master Joel is available as a teaching Dominant and also as a Guide and Master to accompany you to other Fetish parties on a pne to one basis. This means if you are an inexperienced submissive and wish to learn how to become trained: The House Master is available in that capacity. He is also able to work with new Dominants in the instruction of better correction of their slaves, or how to carefully administer a myriad of interesting brilliantly sadistic scenarios in that will serve to improve an either collared or uncollared slave's attitude.

Master Joel and his partner

Master Joel is a keen Sadist. Your pain, is his pleasure. The Master is highly capable of dealing with a range of submissives, slaves and masochists at any stage  or level of development.

You may visit him singly and we will introduce you to him, if you are unsure of how to approach him. You may also bring your existent slave to visit the Master for correction or co-topping. The Master is also able to correct couples if you are both submissive.

The Master is an experienced Sadist and we invite you to communicate frankly with him about what kind of submissive you are and what stage you are at in order for him to make various choices about how he wishes to deal with you.

With both of our House Dominants, we request that you approach them respectfully. This may be done by approaching them in a crawling, or bowing stance preferably carrying your whip that is used for your correction in your mouth.

Dressing in a sexy manner is also a good way to hold their interest and compliment them. If you have your own collar and lead you should bring it. This can also be brought to the House Master in your mouth.

We recommend politeness and total obedience in order to hold the attention of The Master's Sadistic whims. He is similar to our House Mistress only in the sense that we support their decisions to do exactly as they please in the time that they spend at our event. You may also bring gifts to Master Joel if you so wish. It is not compulsory, but is what we consider the actions of a slave worthy of attention of the House Master. Master Joel is also avaialble off site as a Porfessional Dominant. All enquiries, queries or admission of all wrongdoings and punishable crimes may at present be directed to!/MasterJoelLDN

Should you wish to gain a private audience with Master Joel or wish to have a Master accompany or train you, you can contact Master Joel at

Master Joel .. Bisexual House Master at .

Professional and experienced Dominant (+44) 07974484978 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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