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The Dog's BolloXX


The Dogs Bollox:

The Public Play Pen is back to play -so bring your pet or pup to play, or come along as a pup yourself!

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the dogs bolloxx animal & pet play accessories

Have you ever tried animal roleplay? I bloody have and it's great! Basically it involves taking someone you already find quite hot and making them hotter by getting them to either crawl around being a fantasy pet, or by crawling around as a fantasy pet for them. Fantastic! There's just something really fun about it. Fun enough to be worth trying out at least once, or maybe twice.. or just as often as you can, even..

the dogs bolloxx animal & pet play accessories

Please welcome Leo who has just moved here from Germany and is just starting up his bespoke petplay business. He will be bringing along some specialist pet costumes to help you get quickly into role or to quickly convert your slave to slave pet if you so wish as well. But I think it would be great if we could support this new stand as having a subculture of petplay within the fetish scene has always made it so much better.

So often domestic animals have played a major part in fantasy roleplay, slave pet dogs, cats and horses being a major turn on for a whole cross section of people.

the dogs bolloxx animal & pet play accessories

Dogs so often need training, guidance and are rewarded with treats when they are good or perhaps correction when they are bad. Slave pets are often valued for their loyalty and obedience. Cats are a different story and being a fantasy pony so often involves lots of horse tack and black leather... but the training is what most people love best with this fascinating aspect of BDSM. We interviewed Master Leo of The Dog's BolloXX to find out what his take on his BDSM lifestyle.

Where do you originally come from?
the dogs bolloxx animal & pet play accessories

I was born in Bremen, Germany. A town with as much international importance as a public litter bin. Although they serve the best Wiener Würstchen in the whole country. I lived in Hamburg, Berlin and Cologne before I made it to UK.

Is there much of a bdsm scene there?

Well, Bremen has 3 gay bars, one claims to be kinky but I never made it there, yet.

Where are you now and how long have you been here?

I moved here about then month ago and live in a cute 2 room flat a little east from Brixton. Since a month I finally have a little workshop pitch right across the road, so no more stock slalom on my way to bed!

Do you have anyone that works with you?

I have a handful of lovely friends who held me on the markets, and even in the workshop at busy times. But basically just me.
What is the idea behind your new business?

After turning 30 last year, I originally came to London trying to get a bit away from my old job as a full time performing artist. Wanting to make my life a little more stable. I was hoping for a job as a leather tailor / toy crafter for a London shop and mail order. But that didn't happen.
So I decided to do it myself. Not really as stable and humble as expected but I always loved my freedom over stability anyways.
Besides that I heard the silent prayer of all the puppys, cats and ponies who fail to find their perfect toys, got tired of buying from USA or simply are to cute or to attracted to soul food to be able to buy of the rack. So I often have little puppys in my workshop getting undersized gear fitted.
What are some of your favourite products you make?

The current master piece is for certain the puppy hoods, avaible from leather or rubber with a lot of possibilities of customization. Floppy ears, pointy ears, spike whiskers. There will be a cat version as well soon.
One of my favorites, although not per se a pet play toy, is my innovative funnel gag. It has a mouth piece different from all others that finally  does the trick of having what ever goes in there ending in your victims stomach, not on the carpet.
Describe the kind of scene where some of your products might be really useful or fun to use.

I never sell something I wouldn't buy myself. And I personally prefer a splash of color than plain black. So first of all are my products interesting for people that enjoy sticking out. Although I personally enjoy dog play the most I try to fulfill the needs of kitty and horse players same as much by constantly having input by friends who are into that.
My chew toys, bones for dogs, fish shape for kitties and recently carrots for ponys/bunnys come in many different colors and materials and have the perfect size and are soft enough to play fetch with your pup on a party without risking to shatters someones knee caps when trowing it around and to spare the teeth of your pet. I have a big selection of collars from PU all the way to leather. Especially the vinyl collars that glow under UV light are for sure a great accessory even for those not into pet play.

What do you hope to achieve with The Dogs BolloXX?

House, car, holiday and finally getting tattooed :-)

Are you into the bdsm scene yourself?
Without the bdsm scene I wouldn't be in London today. I bought my very first pair of handcuffs at the age of 18. But the part of having clothing part of my sexuality really took its time to grow on me. I even remember a time when I thought pet play is not for me. Good that one can evolve with the right partner. I was in London for the first time for Fetish Week (not weekend) and instantly fell in love with her.

What are the benefits of animal roleplay?

It's a very safe and playful way to enjoy dominance/submission play. Tops that enjoy the role of the caretaker getting their share and depending on how deep the sub dives into the pet head space, its a perfect way of leaving common day problems behind and just enjoy chewing your bone, crawling between your handlers legs and play with your cat toy, having someone holding your rein as a horse, literally be happy as a pig in mud or what ever else your fantasy is.
Are you a pet or a petmaster?

A petmaster. Although I catch myself barking back once in a while…

How do your slave pets respond to your training of them using some of your bdsm toys?

My friends/customers love the stuff I make. I think they are happy that someone who gets them and takes their fetish serious makes quality toys in their size and favorite color. And when there's a problem, I'm just a tube ride away and not in Hong Kong or USA.

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