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2nd Coming Clothing

Find pre-loved fetish bargains that are brilliant with fetish stylist 'D'!


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Any fetish seasoned clubber understands the wardobe demands to keep that kinky look fresh and ready for more partying. Newer visitors to the fetish scene can often find the dilemma of what to wear a minefield.

D at 2nd coming clothingOur illustrious friend and stylist D at 2nd Coming Clothing solves two problems in one. Her collection of vintage and current fetish clothing provide a one stop shop to let You pick up some bargains that will compliment your next big night out.

Acting as a stylist, 'D' hones her skills on specific desired looks and helps provide a much needed guide as to what looks good on who. Her friendly personality and wide knowledge of fashion will get you visiting again and again. She is an absolute mine of information.

Male fetish fashion can be a big stumbling block for a lot of guys. Often couples and single men want to go to fetish nights but find male fetish fashion and themes limited. A visit to D will definitely make those worries a thing of the past. With her comprehensive long term knowledge of the fetish scene, you can be assured confidence in your next trip out. D has such a great eye and level of diplomacy that we don't know who, she couldn't make look fantastic.

shopping for kinky bargains at the 2nd coming standHave you got a specific item of fetish clothing you are after? Or if you need ideas for a themed fetish night out. More often than not, D is the one to pop by and visit as she often has ideas, bargains and clever pieces to make your next trip out to the fetish world a night to remember.

Fear of fetish clubs can be a thing of the past with the guiding assisstance of our favourite fetish and vintage stand starring Miss D.

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